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Need Salt?

Jan 10, 2018

Looking for salt? With our variety of bagged products, have no fear when ice is here.  We carry multiple Vaporizer Ice Melt Products including Calcium Chloride Flakes and Pellets and Pro-Grade Fire Crystals.  You can also get rock salt or a sand and salt mix in bulk. Check out our Winter Materials page for more! We've got you covered here at Cromwell Concrete! Who knows what this winter could bring...so be prepared!


Winter Is Here

Jan 1, 2018

Winter is here so that means its time for BioBrick! 100% wood with no artificial binders, burning up to 12 hours per fill, also enviromentally friendly. BioBrick is ideal for your everyday wood stove or fireplace. Start winter off the right way and stay warm with BioBrick!

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