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Our patented SilcaGrate ™ is a structural support underlayment that enables you to put any type of stone, paver, or brick on a wood or metal frame structure. It can be used to put stone, porcelain, travertine or pavers on decks, patios, roof tops, balconies, raised walkways, gazebos, docks, piers, landscape features and more.


SilcaGrate ™ has made it possible for DIY homeowners, deck architects, deck designers, deck builders to be creative with new and exciting decking ideas for a durable deck flooring that enhances the outdoor living experience. Installing the StoneDeks System saves you time and money by allowing the application of stone on surfaces that would have previously been wood or composite boards. Now you can create an attractive, long-lasting and low maintenance deck. Our SilcaGrate ™ can also be conveniently installed on a pre-existing wood or metal deck frame.




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